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Sex Tips to Keep them Coming Back

If you have been using free phone lines then you will probably have a hook up coming over sooner or later. That’s because this is the primary location where people go to find local hookups. Everyone on the phone is near you, which is why we have so many lines. Each line is for a specific area. We have phone numbers for most major cities, many smaller ones and even some country areas. Find out who is a freak on your block by picking up the phone. Here are some tips that will keep your new phone lover coming back for more.

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Be confident

Free Phone Sex Lines
Free Phone Sex Lines

No matter what you look like, confidence is the sexiest thing. Before you have a hook up give yourself a pep talk. Look at yourself in the mirror and practice some power poses. This will really work to help you feel super powerful and it will make you even more alluring in your hook ups.

Set the mood

Make sure you have an area that you feel is totally sexy. Dim the lights, have a few candles around and make sure that your lingerie get up is to your liking. Most importantly, clean the house before your date comes over. Nothing is a bigger boner killer than a pile of laundry or smelly dishes in the sink.

Use plenty of foreplay

Foreplay is the moments you will remember the next day that will send shivers up your spine. Foreplay is how you will know whether or not you and your new phone friend have any chemistry at all. Make sure to have plenty of foreplay to get everyone worked up before the main event.

Get a little pushy

Everyone loves to be gently ordered around or pushed around. It makes the moment even hotter, and it’s just something to try. Nudge your new lover’s face towards your crotch and hold it there, or grab their ass and draw them to you with a bit of strength. This will let them know how much you want them.