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Look. Feel. See. Confidence.

It may be hard to believe, but confidence is a learned skill. People don’t walk around thinking about how badass they are and how they are going to take over the world with their personality and good looks from the start. Over time, interactions with other people, and the internal thoughts people have, play a huge role in how confident they are. Fortunately, these two things also lead to how people can become more confident.

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First off, our interactions may lead us to be less confident over time, but they can also lead us to be more confident over time as well. The first step is often finding people that have positive mindsets and connecting with/befriending them.

Phone Dating Confidence
Phone Dating Confidence

There are some amazing people in the world, people that are continually complimenting others and seeing the best in other people and the world. Having some of these people in your life, and interacting with them often, can have a significant effect on confidence. Part of the reason this is true is that they see things in other people that other people sometimes do not see in themselves.

Positive people are a good first step to moving into a world where you are more confident. Finding people with similar likes, pastimes, and hobbies as you is another way to add more positivity in life. Perhaps the trickier part to becoming more confident is allowing yourself to believe the positive things that others are saying about you. Creating an internal voice that includes a lot more positivity than negativity has a massive effect on people’s psyche.

These steps can have a considerable impact on how people see themselves. This translates into how other people see them as well. Utilizing positivity, positive friends, and a reassuring internal voice that not only tells us about the good qualities we have, but also helps define the improvements that we want to make, can have quite an impact. Recognition of these improvements will continue to foster more confidence, which pays off big time both in phone dating and in life.